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Driving test is the time to show your driving skills to a tester who sits next to you if you use your car, or at the back seat behind your instructor if you use our driving school cars. Our instructor will sit at the front seat next to you.

It all depends on each person’s driving ability. This depends on how much driving experience the student has and where the student has driven prior to instruction with Driving Lessons Sydney. This means it is very different to drive in busy traffic conditions then to just drive in a straight line on a motorway or highway. How many driving lessons needed by each individual also depends on the students own ability. Some take to driving naturally and others take extra time. Whether you have driven prior or there is there is no previous driving experience, our trained driving instructors will assess your knowledge and ability, then determine which cost effective lesson plan suits you the best. Learners from 18 to 20 years old must have 120 hours driving practice. Learners from 21 years old can sit for a licence test after any hours driving practice, as long as they gain enough driving experience.

Usually licence test takes 35 minutes.

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